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July 05, 2022 5 min read


Consider the following scenario: you're riding your bike through the countryside when it unexpectedly breaks down in a remote location. When you're in a scenario like this, with no range and no one nearby, you'll need to do emergency repairs. Leave the most technical work to the specialists, but at the very least, you need to arm yourself with the necessary equipment to bring out the aspiring mechanic in you. These tools are also essential for servicing your bike before a long trip.

Here are some basic motorcycle tools that you will need:


Motorcycle Tools


Make sure that your motorcycle maintenance tool kit has the following:


1) Tire Pressure Gauge

 A person using a tire pressure gauge to see if the pressure is okay

Credit: TOI


The tires on a motorbike are one of the most important components, but they are sometimes overlooked. Both underinflation and overinflation of your tires can cause issues with your bike's handling, braking, and road grip As a result, keeping a good tire pressure gauge come in handy to check that you have properly inflated tires.

Although high-quality tire pressure gauges are costly, they are a wise investment. The best tire pressure gauge is one that is simple to use. Your tires will have a longer service life, which will balance the initial investment expense. Furthermore, your safety is valuable!


2) Torque Wrench


If you own a bike, frequently tightening your bolts and ensuring they are adjusted to the proper settings should become second nature. The torque settings can be found in your motorbike manual, and after you've learned them, ensure that your fasteners are always torqued properly. The bolts will rattle if they are too loose, and if you overtighten them, you risk damaging them.

When you reach your desired torque level, a torque wrench will "click,". Torque wrenches are one of the simplest yet most useful items a motorcycle owner should own.


3) Socket Wrench

 A universal Dia Grip socket wrench set

Credit: Dia Grip

A socket wrench is just an improved version of a normal wrench with a ratchet mechanism that allows you to attach or loosen nuts without having to adjust the wrench after each push or pull movement.

The socket of the wrench, unlike a regular wrench, retains the nut in place while the ratchet mechanism allows you to rotate the wrench without losing traction on the nut. Tightening or loosening the nut becomes a simple and quick task. A socket wrench is a handy tool to carry when going on a long trip and it can simply fit into your motorcycle storage compartment. To get a universal socket wrench with multiple features, check out Dia Grip.


4) Chain Breaker Tool


If you're a pro mechanic, this is something you need to add to your tool kit. When you ride chain-driven motorcycles, an old chain will become extremely loose and rattle over time. If it becomes too loose, it can be dangerous, and it will also impact the bike's performance. In an emergency, a chain breaker tool can be essential for changing the chain.


5) Oil Filter Wrench

 An oil filter wrench to remove an old oil filter

Credit: Grainger


An oil filter wrench is required to remove an old oil filter, which is normally hand-tightened. When selecting an oil filter wrench, consider your motorcycle, the filter, and the filter's position. 


6) Combination Wrenches


A basic set of combination wrenches will suffice. At times, standard ratchets do not fit into tight spaces. In those situations, a combination wrench with a ratchet on one end might save you a lot of time.


7) Brake Bleeder

 A vacuum hydraulic line bleeder that can help to bleed your brakes

Credit: Capri Tools


A vacuum hydraulic line bleeder was always considered a luxury item, but with the increasingly complex systems found on ABS-equipped motorcycles, a brake bleeder is now a necessity for the home mechanic. The brake bleeder will not only save you time but will also assist you in removing any stray bubbles from your bike's hydraulic systems.


8) Battery Cables


Lightweight cables that can be wrapped up snugly and stored somewhere on your bike are a suitable choice. They'll get you moving again if your battery is dead. You can connect them to another bike's battery or to a car battery as well to get it started again. Because dead batteries are common, battery cables are an essential tool.


9) Floor Jacks

 A floor jack to help lift and support the bike for maintenance tasks

Credit: BikersRights


It's vital to be able to lift and support the motorcycle safely for various maintenance tasks as well as when your bike breaks down, and the only way to do so is with a dependable jack. When it comes to safely lifting both wheels off the ground, floor jacks are a wise option.


10) Different Sets of Pliers


Pliers are required for almost all jobs. Regular pliers are okay, but depending on the task at hand, different sets will be more appropriate. Even if you don't need a specific pair, it's preferable to acquire a few different varieties and have them on hand in case you need them.


11) Manufacturer's Service Manual or Owner's Manual

 Owners Manuals of various motorbikes including Yamaha and Kawasaki



Nobody knows a motorcycle like the people who designed it. As a result, purchasing the manufacturer's service manual for your motorcycle makes sense. You'll learn how to remove and repair your bike properly like a pro.

Additionally, any unique tools you may require for your specific motorcycle will be specified, allowing you to purchase them before your engine is halfway apart. The service intervals for your particular model will be detailed in a factory service handbook.


12) Nitrile Gloves


You may have noticed mechanics wearing special gloves when working on a motorcycle, and while these appear to be handy, you may believe they are not a top priority. Every time you touch your motorcycle, it becomes dirty and greasy, and you end up with a sticky mixture of grime, oil, and lube on your hands and under your fingernails. There are chemical remedies that can help you with this, but they are quite hazardous to your skin in the long run.

A pair of nitrile gloves, particularly heavy-duty ones, is essential. They're incredibly thick and won't readily tear, they keep your hands clean, and they fit neatly into the motorcycle storage box.


13) Screwdrivers

 A set of various sized and shaped screwdrivers

Credit: istock


A screwdriver is essential in your motorcycle toolkit because practically every portion of the motorcycle requires the removal of one or more case panels.


14) Wires


Wires are worth having because they take up very little room and are particularly useful for roadside breakdowns. Wires can also be utilized to bypass blown fuses. This could help you avoid damaging something more valuable and save money in the long run. Wires are also useful for keeping and holding things together.


Other Equipment That You’ll Want To Include in Your Motorcycle Maintenance Tool Kit


1) Miniature Flashlight


If you have a problem late at night, this is quite useful. Make sure the batteries are kept in good condition. Lithium batteries have a 10-year service life and can be used in freezing temperatures.


2) Spare Fuses and Light Bulbs


Make sure they're the right size and specifications for your bike. They're compact and inexpensive, and they normally come in a sturdy box to keep them safe.


3) Swiss Army Knife


To cut tape or zip ties, keep a utility knife or Swiss army knife handy.


4) Zip Connections or Zip Ties


Remember to bring a few zip connections with you on the trip, since they will all prove useful at some point.




If your motorcycle has a reoccurring problem or is prone to specific types of failures, it's a good idea to bring along the necessary tools. After all, nobody wants to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Every motorcycle tool kit should have a universal socket wrench. Dia Grip has just what you're looking for. Check us out right now!


Alex Wittle
Alex Wittle

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